Pizza Story

Pizzeria O Sole Mio was founded in Vaasa, Finland in 1976 by Mr. Rabbe
Grönblom. O Sole Mio was Mr. Grönbloms first pizzeria, and also one of the
first pizzerias in Finland.

Ingeborg Sjöblom-Kakkuris´s "Inkku" pizza career started at O Sole Mio in 1980. With her 40 years of
experience she will continue the long tradition of pizzas at the new
O Sole Mio Pizzeria on Pitkäkatu 34 in Vaasa, Finland.

On the menu, you´ll find the best pizzas in Finland, just like they were back in
the days. High quality ingredients are guaranteed together with a
knowledgeable and friendly staff.

The menu features traditional pizzas, pasta, salads and desserts.
Welcome to enjoy the delicious food and the authentic atmosphere at
O Sole Mio!