1.        Artista 13,60 
           Tomato paste, cheese + 4-any choose toppings

2.        Quattro stagioni 12,30
           Tomato paste, cheese, ham, mushrooms, prawns, mussels, tuna, olive

3.        Fantasia 12,30
           Tomato paste, cheese, ham, blue cheese, peach

4.        Sisiliana 11,60
           Tomato paste, cheese, anchovy, capers, pickled onion, olives, garlic

5.        Opera 11,60
           Tomato paste, cheese, ham, tuna

6.        Vagabonda 11,60
           Tomato paste, cheese, ham, prawns

7.        Margerita 9,60
           Tomato paste, cheese

8.        Capricciosa 11,60
           Tomato paste, cheese, ham, mushrooms 
9.        Salame 12,10
           Tomato paste, cheese, salami, red pepper, olive
10.      O Sole Mio 12,10
           Tomato paste, cheese, Bolognesesauce, salami, onion

11.      Vegetariana 12,10
           Tomato paste, cheese, capers, red pepper, mushrooms, olives,
           pickled onions

12.      Calzone 12,10
           Tomato paste, cheese, ham (envelope pizza)

13.      Mamma Mia 11,60
           Tomato paste, cheese, bacon, egg

14.      La Bamba 12,30
           Tomato paste, cheese, tuna, mushrooms, prawns, pineapple

15.      Frutti di Mare 12,10
           Tomato paste, cheese, tuna, prawns, mussels

16.      Opera Special 12,10
           Tomato paste, cheese, ham, tuna, salami

17.      Ti Amo 12,30
           Tomato paste, cheese chicken, pineapple, blue cheese

18.      Picante 12,10  
           Tomato paste, cheese, kebab meat, chili, onion, jalapeno

19.      Zikenzili 12,10
           Chili-tomato paste, cheese, chicken meat, jalopeno, pineapple

20.      New Mexican 12,10
           Taco paste, cheese, pepperoni sausage, pineapple, jalopeno

21.      Pizza Pazza 12,10
           One half of cheese, mussels and prawns- other half, tomato paste and ham

22.      Balsamico 14.90
           Tomato paste, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, rucola, balsamico, chicken

23.      Lombarda 14,90
           Tomato paste, cheese, air-dried ham, parmesan chips, tomatoe slices, rucola

24.      Di Salmone 14,90
           Tomato paste, cheese, coldsmoked salmon, prawns, cremefraiche,
           dill och citron slice
25.      Don Corleone 14,90
Tomato paste, cheese, roast beef, red onions,
           Bearnaise sauce, Rucola
26.      Bondiola 14,90
           Tomato paste, cheese, coppa (Spicy salami), 
           mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto,      

Pizza-salad  7,50
Pizza salad and warm pizza bread 

Piccolo Pizza - 2€    

All pizzas can be made with gluten-free pizza crust. Vegancheese.

Extra toppings 1,00/pc
Cheese, blue cheese, tuna, mushrooms, picled onion, pineapple, mussels, chicken, 
jalapeno, pepper, peach, olive, ham, salami, tomatoe slices, Bolognese sauce, 
garlic, prawns, onion, pepperoni, capers, kebab, feta, bacon, anchovies, rucola, 
parmesan, cold-smoked salmon, Prosciutto, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, roast 
beef, Bearnaise sauce, Mozzarella, Spicy salami, Pesto